1 year ago

Canadian Road Rage
Via: CBC News

What people are saying about this...

  ts not possible to compare with stanbul-traffic-fights , Most of the discussions start with, where is my baseballBatMuhMuhammed F. elikiEkinci Abdullahnada tarihinin en iddetli kavgalarndan biri olduu syleniyor ...

  this has to be one of the most brutal fist fights in the history of canada

  This was actually very well handled by the officer considering he was standing on a bridge Well done to the officer

  Guess they were just saying 'Sorry' and 'Thank You' to each other. Arvind Mohi

  If only they all were like that...unfortunately they are not.

  Khristal Mae Oclos hahaha come on BOYS everyone's the winner

  There's nothing like a good old Canadian fight and police intervention to break it up. Everyone goes home happy.

  yea it's the same like russian road rage except the part with guns

  "Listen to the officerrrr" lol classic

  "everybody's a winner" this cop is hilarious

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