1 year ago

  I visited lovely Canada on holiday late last year. I was surprised to see the the number of homeless people in the cities of Toronto and Montreal. I naively thought Canada was a country of equal opportunities and nobody gets left behind. Why is there a homeless problem in such a progressed country. Anyone?

  My dad always offered to pay for their food. He took them to the nearest place, sat down with them and let them order what they wanted. He's stay with them and they'd eat together and talk.

  It's a beautiful gift seeing others reach out and help , no matter how big or small . Makes my heart proud to be canadian.

  Most people begging for money use the money to buy heroin.Youre actually hurting them by giving them cash. If u wanna help them , help them get a job.

  It seems quite biased..being a canadian I dont agree with this. Your corner where you are sitting is kinda hidden and ppl have things in hands while passing by. Also, since a grown ass man is asking for money, it seems like ppl would think that why doesnt he work or find a job..or he is just gonna spend on drugs..so they are not trying to promote that culture. No offence to any homeless ppl though.

  I think it's easier to give loonies & townies' since they are coins.

  yeah...this is kind of a fantasy. I love my country...but lets not be delusional about it

  Lmao you don't show in Canada all the security guard always giving bums a hard time. Misleading video Canada is not all perfect

  So one street corner speaks for a whole country?

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