1 year ago


What people are saying about this...

  Rasiel Jean Mijares . Your so beautiful you don't need makeup! I love you!

  Such a bad prank she handled it so well

  Lea Espinasseau sa te fait un truc ?

  I would break up with you Carlos Espino

  Maddie Hillsman Joslynn Benavidez even I wouldn't be that chill and I just have drug store brands lmao

  wtf? how is she so calm? :O Sophia Elena ..... :'(

  Sahera Zhyar adawaty xatakay hamwy shkand

  Taylor Hardman if it had limited addition stuff you can't buy back people would be crying with me cause I'd be mad lol

  Matthew Johnson you would be a dead man

  Monserrath Duarte tu si me matas verdad

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