1 year ago

Due to the media's inconsistent and unreliable portrayal of the Pitbull, they are now portrayed as horrible, violent and a aggressive dog breed to the public. We wanted to conduct a social experiment to see how the Pitbull has been impacted over the years. Watch how the public reacts when I walk a Pitbull compared to a Australian Shepherd. IS IT THE BREED? OR THE OWNER?

What people are saying about this...

  •   As a pitty owner I have dealt with breed discrimination many times. It's a part of being an owner of these breeds. From people walking down the street to land lords not renting to people with "aggressive breeds." This is why I make sure that my dog is well trained, obedient and loving. It is for her protection. Well that and of course I love her to death.
  •   Makes me sad to think of naivety of people all dog breeds should be loved and respected any dog is capable of being aggressive in most cases it's not the dog that's at fault it's the owner .
  •  I own a pitbull and seeing this makes me sad on so many levels. This dog will let a child roll over him and ride his back. He is the sweetest dog in the world. My 6lbs dog acts more viscous than him. He is so protective over me it aint funny. Any dog that will climb a fence because some guy that works for Duke Power or the TWC man because they are to close is a winner in my book. I tell them not to get close to me and kept happening I had to move away from them they would get closer again and he went nuts. I said once again if you keep getting close he is coming over that fence. Some people just don't listen.
  • Just sad she is so beautiful. And I'm a animal lover. I own 2 pittys and a mixed pitty and he mixed with lab and labs have tried most bite rates a lot of people don't know that !!! And he's the one I'm unsure of when y comes to people but the full breed I own I don't have a care cuz ik there big dogs who think there the size of cats . It break my heart just watching those people act the way they did and thinking I would have been the one to run up to her and hug her and get kisses . I wish people could see it's not the dog it's how there raised just like people these dogs are our lives or fur babies our kids.
  • There is nothing wrong with the dogs or the breeds. Its the way the owners breed and train them. All dogs are vicious even the small ones. Id be more scared of a huge great dane running after me than a pitbull. Its just not fair on the poor innocent dogs. The people who raise aggressive animals cause the whole breed to be judged.

These are just a few of many positive experiences by pitbull owners across the world, who are you to believe, the negative media or the opinions of real people?

In an age where perceived fake news is raging wild, it's comforting to watch a view like this...

  As you can see, pitbulls are actually a genle giant, its just a consequence of owners raising a select few as fighters that have brought them a horribly poor reputation.

  Let this be a lesson in life, do NOT judge a book by its cover!