1 year ago

Shitty friend

What people are saying about this...

  Si Colin... not sure why but I thought that you would do this

  Das wuerde ich mit euch machen weil ihr das so hart verdient habt Leander Di Daniel Leo Dre Nicolas

  Kamal Gibol Md Herman I will do this to one of you on our next trip

  That could have ended so badly. It's like...kind of funny but not.

  No "friend" will put his friend in danger.

  Not sure if friend or fiend ftf me extra r sez aii Chris Lillywhite

  Aditya Sethi this garmi ki chuttiya, beware

  Garrett Prichard. . . next time you'll get this instead of a youtube video

  Talk about lighting a fire up under his ass

  Bennett W. Ryan Lol!! Something you would do... :D

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