1 year ago

ME when there's drama:

What people are saying about this...

  Neha Galhotra I know I'm being annoying to tag you endlessly, but this one HAHAHAHA I'm glad I'm investing on a new frame hahahahahahah

  August Jayde Merat-harbridge I just love how he looks around to see if anybody's looking

  Megan Ward You when you see something on Facebook you need to investigate lol

  Marcus when Chris was talking about betrayal

  Felicia Pelland is this us or what lol

  Jose that's you!! and AntAntionette Marie

  Vrunda Shah Samani this is so us hi5

  Felicia Gayle Asidaz imagine me doing that

  Amy Baird Carly Walker Katie Mathews

  Christian Guerrero Claudia Dyer Brianna Aponte Alberto Perales

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