1 year ago

Little brother ain't having it

What people are saying about this...

  Reuben Gemming awww poor boy is so scared. Once my entire family held me down while my dad pulled one of my loose tooth out with pliers

  "Stop crying. You're wrecking our video." What a pair of wankers!

  Emilie Gauthier that kid went all out ninja on that string mayn

  Both of my daughter's pulled all their baby teeth out on their own!

  They fall out on their own. Why would someone do something so traumatizing?

  Haleema Ayan this would be haleema

  That moment of silence though :D :D :D

  Utkarsh Mathur Look at this, aww.

  Asha Lalai Chalmers where the little brother

  Poor kid. Lil bro got your back Avril Batty-Hardy Leanne Dunn

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